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You might be wondering….why would kids listen to a message about kindness?

That’s where the Be Kind Crew comes in.     The Crew CONNECTS with students through hip hop, spoken word, and lots of interaction…and the message is what TO do, instead of what NOT to do.      In fact, we’ve been told….”It’s the best anti-bullying message ever….and you never even say or hint at the word ‘bully’!”

The Crew presents school assemblies that teach HOW to be kind and The Crew members serve as positive and approachable examples of kindness.  It’s just…well, cool….to see what happens to hundreds of kids inspired.   And learning with excitement.    And dancing.    And smiling.    And fully engaged.   And thanking their teachers at full volume.

The Be Kind Crew can also be a part of the classroom with their online lessons that reinforce attributes of The Be Kind Pledge……and don’t miss The Be Kind Move of the Month.

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  • Feb

    2016 Creative Expressions Contest

    The Be Kind People Project announces the 2016 Creative Expressions Contest! National Creative Expression Contest BKPP Creative Expression Contest OFFICIAL RULES 2016 BKPP Creative Expression ENTRY WITH RELEASE FORM 2016 “Ready, Set, Action!” THEME The Be Kind People Project™ is all about actively extending good to others. To provide ideas for how to do this, […]

  • Jan

    2015-2016 National Writing Contest Winners Announced

    The Be Kind People Project™ National Writing Contest Winners Announced!   BIG CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of this year’s 2016 Be Kind People Project- National Writing Contest! We received nearly 500 entries, and each one was remarkable. Our Be Kind Crew loved hearing where you saw kindness in schools, homes, and communities – nationwide! […]

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