What We Value

kind·ness / kīn(d)nis / Noun:…a word or gesture with the intent of purposefully extending good to others.

Kindness is a force without force.   It is way more than having good manners or being polite.   Kindness goes right to the heart of how people honor, respect, communicate, and treat one another.

We think kindness is intentional.   It’s a word or gesture that involves a decision to extend good to another person.   Kindness can be put into action.  It creates its own momentum…..and the possibilities of connections are endless.

Our Mission

The mission of The Be Kind People Project is to initiate positive social change in schools, to improve the learning environment for enhanced student achievement, to significantly ameliorate unwanted behavior issues-often manifested or interpreted as bullying, and to provide a comprehensive and culturally relevant framework for responsible and enduring youth development.

Because meaningful character education is an essential pillar of effective social, emotional, and academic learning, The Be Kind People Project equips students with tools that help them understand, link, and apply strong personal character values with academic achievement, teacher appreciation, civic responsibility, creative expression, and exercise.   Students are provided with an experience-based learning approach that directs the development of solutions and skills so they will understand what TO do instead of what NOT to do and learn how to form healthy and responsible relationships, to accept accountability for decisions, words, and actions, and to form respectful and considerate interaction and communication with other people.

What We Do

We provide innovative and culturally relevant youth  development programs that are essential for  effective social, emotional, and academic  learning.     Our high-energy, fun provides a positive approach to behavior and learning and equips students with a solid framework to build healthy interpersonal  relationship skills, improve academic results, and form enduring values.

The Be Kind People Project:

  • Thank teachers
  • Deliver classroom kindness resources
  • Equip students with tools to build positive relationships
  • Provide assemblies for schools
  • Connect social and emotional learning with academics, exercise and community

“When schools focus on social and emotional learning as an intentional component of the learning environment, academic achievement improves.”

The Be Kind PledgeTM

It’s our foundation. Everything we do revolves around The Be Kind Pledge.   It defines  what it means to be kind people.   The Be Kind Pledge involves:

Personal decisions.   Intentional action.   Goodness.  Commitment.   Accountability.

The Be Kind Pledge helps students build healthy, positive, and strong inter-personal relationships.   It establishes a common language and code of conduct in the classroom.   It sets behavior expectations.Kind kid 5

Kids learn to interact with peers at school.    They practice relationships.    They make decisions about how to treat others.   They test values.   They develop personal patterns of reactions to situations.   Very simply, a culture based on the principles of The Be Kind Pledge will help improve unwanted behavior and respect issues, often manifested as bullying, in schools.

Pledge-Card(front)But it extends beyond the classroom.   The attributes of The Be Kind Pledge can help the formation of life long values that will help young people at home…in their personal lives…as they grow up….where they work…as community citizens…and can be a pillar in the formation of lifetime values.

The Be Kind Pledge can inspire a generation of kindness in our country.

Pledge-Card(back)Take the Be Kind Pledge today.    Anywhere.   Anytime.   Any age.

Where We Work

We provide kindness programs wherever there are teachers and students.   Public schools.   Charter schools.   Private schools.   Home schools.   After school programs.   Summer and vacation programs.

Teacher and Student In A Classroom At School

From California to New York – cities to small town, urban to rural – our materials are in Kindergarten – 8th grade classrooms across the country.   The Be Kind People Project materials and programs can reinforce and augment any existing character development program for schools or stand on its own as a fresh and innovative approach to social and emotional learning.

The Benefits of Classroom Kindness

When teachers are appreciated and inspired to build a classroom environment with the foundation of kindness, students thrive and learning improves.
We’ve already begun to make a difference.    Tens of thousands of kids are now learning in classrooms with inspired teachers and forming relationship with a common culture and language of kindness.

  • Teachers feel appreciated
  • Students are inspired
  • Classrooms are mobilized
  • Schools see a positive impact
  • Communities benefit

“Let us think of education as the means of developing our greatest abilities, because in each of us there is a private hope and dream which, fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and greater strength of the nation.”     John F. Kennedy

Our School Support Group

They have kind hearts.  They have proven experience.  They value results, innovation, and constant improvement.

For some, it’s their job.   For others, it’s committed volunteer service.   For others, it’s providing sound advice and wisdom.   And for still others, it’s special project work, services, and expertise that contribute to the high quality of the overall program

But for all, there is passion and a personal and professional commitment to make a difference through their work,  They are a unified team dedicated to supporting schools, teachers, and students.

The Be Kind Pledge is the solid code of conduct in how they treat each other and in how they represent all dealings with the public.

Bo Whittenton, Senior National Director of School and Community Projects and Relationships

Brad Randolph, National Director of Corporate Giving and Social Responsibility

Sarah “Saza” Dimmick, Artistic Director and Special Projects Manager

Flip Rapier, Creative Director

Wendy Peterson, Manager of Volunteer Services and Program Operations

Krista Walker, Manager of National School Programs, Curriculum and Research

Carrie Simmons, Director of Marketing and Communication

Wendy Chovnick, School Initiatives Project Manager

Jade Winters, Operations and School Programs Administrator

Brandi Carter, Coordinator of Grant and School Service Proposals\

Liz Kusch, School Results Specialist

Ivory Myers,  School Program Leader

Anthony Kelly, School Specialist

Angelo “Vo Vera” Sapienza, School Kindness Leader

Louise Bunker, Education Advisor

Lyn Geake, Professional Development and School Training Team

Amy Winters, Education Projects Advisor

Tish Stephens, Special School/Community Project Liaison

Gary Miller, Communications Advisor

David Wocjiechowski, IT Advisor and Coordinator

Doug Lapedes, Database and Applications Advisor and Developer

Sarah Swain, Photo Services intern

Colleen Pawling,  Productivity Advisor

Denver Miller, Video Editor

Larry Hasche, Be Kind Bus Transportation Coordinator

Colton Miller, School Assembly Materials and Set-up

Marcia Meyer, Vision and Strategic Planning

Our Board

They have wisdom and diverse skills.   Proven success.  National perspective.  And a belief that people working together can make a profound difference in tomorrow’s citizens and leaders.

Marlene Waltz

Marcia Meyer

Lisa James

Brad Randolph

Barbara Fitzgerald

John Fry

Mindy Meads


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world;  indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”  Margaret Mead


Our Story

Well, to start, Be Kind People Project is a tale of one kind gesture that became two. That became four. That became 4,000. Then to 400,000……

And soon it will reach millions with a message of kindness.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves – how can we not when we’re so excited about Be Kind People Project?

It started out as a small gathering of women committed to creating together and acknowledging others in meaningful ways through an annual event.   Well, actually it was a party – a party with a purpose.    And it just kept growing.   When things are healthy, that just seems to happen.

HCCL Board PHX 2011

The women at the event recognized everyday heroes that made up the fiber and infrastructure of their communities and extended good to them – just because they wanted to extend a gesture of kindness to someone not expecting it.  Whether to the parents of children in hospital, to the spouses of those in military, or to underprivileged struck by hurricanes and weather, kindness was at their core.    And with many teachers and students involved – in fact, with women from every decade of life working together –  the event couldn’t help but teach others how to be kind too.

But there was something missing: a way to extend kindness and gratitude in a way that would multiply for generations to come!  What better way than to offer a message of gratitude to teachers who were influencing future community leaders.   They knew that teachers care about helping their students become good people, so they gave teachers ways to help kids put kindness into action and learn to “pay it forward.”  And the Be Kind People Project was born!

IMG_0623 IMG_0211 Ready to prepare for teachers 

And the project became a vision….and the vision led to action….and the action has become a dream come true.    You understand…..it’s just like kindness.    Good things flourish.  Good things grow.   Good things give happiness and purpose to one’s own heart.

Kindness is love in action.

Oh, and never under-estimate the power of a party!

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