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Inspiring a GENERATION of kindness

We thank teachers and equip their students with character development tools to help build positive and healthy relationships.    The overall education environment in America’s schools can improve with our innovative approach to social and emotional learning.

What We Do

Through innovative and culturally relevant youth development programs and services, The Be Kind People Project initiates social change in schools, improves the overall learning environment, and equips students with the tools they need to:
Build positive and healthy relationship skills
Take accountability for respectful actions and acceptance of others
Achieve to high personal standards to their capabilities
Extend appreciation to their school, family, and community
Form responsible and enduring societal values.

Building Healthy Relationship Skills

Themes of The Be Kind Pledge™ form the foundation for active learning for students, with a focus on respectful interpersonal relationships.   Robust recognition programs provide reinforcement for students and teachers, and Classroom Kindness Kits™  are distributed quarterly with materials and supplies for pay-it-forward projects.

Academic Improvement

Presented with the attitude and energy of The Be Kind Crew™ , current state and federal academic learning standards are reinforced with  grade-specific, ready-to-use lessons, contests, and monthly challenges that integrate character education and academic skills.

Community and Family Engagement

The important values of respect, personal responsibility, and gratitude are reinforced with regular civic awareness and service projects designed to help students learn and then practice how to extend the values of kindness into the community and in their personal lives as they grow into adult citizens and leaders.

Creative Exercise

Through the culturally relevant language of urban dance, spoken word poetry, personal expression, and movement, The Be Kind Crew provides interactive and memorable programs and school assemblies that help kids understand it really IS cool to be kind.

This Month’s Theme: BE CONSIDERATE





Teachers, take a Be Kind Break with your students today!

The Be Kind People Project provides lesson plans that can be integratedbkb logo stacked as jpeg into classroom learning in just 5 to 10 minutes.    It’s actually a break that reinforces The Be Kind Pledge!

It’s easy.  It’s completely ready to use.  And it’s FREE.    Yes..free.   After all, teachers, you deserve a break too.

Click a theme.  Download materials.   Have fun.  Pay it forward.

One more thing….get your dancing feet ready for The Be Kind Move of the Month!  Sign in to dance!


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Meet The Be Kind Crew

They’re positive.   They teach about kindness with hip hop and spoken word.    They bring energy to a school.   They involve kids and teachers.   They’re authentic.   And they show kids it really is COOL to be kind.

The Be Kind Crew provides school assemblies with a 100% positive message that directly connects with students and inspires them to take ACTION to be kind people.

And….wow…can they dance!

Meet the Be Kind Crew
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